Can I make a payment in a foreign currency?

Payment in foreign currency are not accepted, all cheques in foreign currencies will be returned to the sender or destroyed in confidential bins onsite. Bank transfers arranged outside Hong Kong must cover the fee in full and include bank charges (for both banks) on the total amount. 

Please use your HKICA reference number as a reference for your bank transfer. 

Payment by credit card will be accepted only in HK$.

How much do I have to pay to renew my certification?

There is no additional charge for renewal of your certification but you are required to pay an annual fee once we have sent you notice for renewal.  Your certification will be continued once your payment is complete and we have established your grade.

What are the common problems that cause delay in applications processing

These are the most common causes that may delay processing of applications.

1) All parts are not completed
2) There is a lack of sufficient detail surrounding work experience
3) There is a lack of sufficient detail surrounding sector experience
4) The declaration form is not signed
5) The application form does not have a sponsor counter signature
6) Copies of education certificates have not been included
7) Specialist certificates or training required for the scheme you are applying
8) The auditing training certificate is not included
9) Payment has not been made or no payment included


What should I do if I consider I cannot satisfy the renewal requirement but do not wish to lose my certification?

We suggest you contact us for advice. Each year many auditors believe they have not fulfilled the CPD or audit requirements but go on to renew successfully after discussing their situation and experience with a member of our certification team. We have found that most auditors under-estimate the amount of CPD they actually complete.

Can I apply directly for Auditor / Lead Auditor grade or do I have to register at a lower grade first?

You may apply directly for the grade of your choice. You are not required to register for the assistant auditorl grade if you have the audit experience for a higher grade. The grade of certification offered is dependent on the audit experience you submit. If you wish to apply for the Auditor / Lead Auditor grade, please make sure that you meet the requirements, as this can often delay applications.

Can I have more than one certification?

Yes, you can hold as many certifications as you wish on different schemes but you cannot hold two grades on the same scheme. Each certification incurs its own set of fees.

Do I need to submit a new application if my certification has lapsed and I want to be re-instated?

If your certification is older than 3 years, then you will need to submit a new application form and the relevant supporting documents. If your re-application is within 3 years, we only require the renewal documents (CPD log, Audit log and declaration). Please contact us for assistance.

Can I pay my annual fee in advance along with the application fee?

You are advise not to make a payment in advance for an annual fee. You should wait for the invoice before you settle your annual fee.

Does one application fee cover the full cost of different schemes?

The application fee is applied to each scheme you are applying for. Application fees are administrative fees, they are not refundable regardless of the result of the assessment.

How can I login online to pay my HKICA fees?

Before you can log in online you must register as a user. Once you have received your HKICA registration number you need to log onto the membership section of the HKICA website and create your user profile.   

How can I pay my fees?

Pay online

To pay your fees online using a credit card please log in to access our online services.

In order to view your outstanding balance, please log in first and then click the shopping cart link located on the top right of each web page.

Bank transfer

Please ensure you add the associated bank charges to your transfer before making payment. Any fees received that are less than the amount payable will be held by IRCA until the full amount is received. Please speak to your bank to find out its charges. Please use your certification number as a reference for your bank transfer.

Account name: Hong Kong Institution of Certified Auditors
Account number: 024789652799001
Sort code: 
Swift code: 

Bank address: 

Hang Seng Bank, Kowloon Main Branch
618 Nathan Road
Monk Kok, Kowloon
Hong Kong

Send a cheque

We only accept payment in Hong Kong dollars drawn on a HK bank. Please make the cheque payable to "Hong Kong Istitution of Certified Auditors". Clearly mark your HKICA registration number on the cheque. 

I have paid my HKICA fees some time ago but I did not receive an invoice, can I still request one?

Invoices are available only before a full payment is made, however a receipt is offered as a confirmation of payment.

If I haven’t been assigned a HKICA Registration number yet, how can I pay for my application fee?

You can make a payment by cheque and enclose it with the application form, alternatively you should wait for a confirmation email from the hkica team stating your HKICA registration number; once you have received it you can then register yourself as an online user and pay online with a credit card or use the HKICA registration number as a reference for a bank transfer.

Are HKICA recognised training courses available in my country?

You can search for courses available in your country on our course section.

Does HKICA accept non-HKICA certified training?

HKICA accepts a limited number of non-HKICA certified training courses as equivalents for the purpose of certification. 

How much does the training courses cost?

We do not keep details of the different course fees charged by individual training organizations. You will need to contact the training organization directly to find this information.

I completed my training course over three years ago. I now wish to apply for certification, do I need to repeat the course?

Not necessarily, your training may be accepted if you can supply us with evidence confirming that you have kept your skills and knowledge needed for effective auditing up-to-date i.e. relevant training courses, on the job training, self study etc. Your skills, knowledge and experience must have been acquired within the three-year period prior to application.

When are training courses available?

We do not keep details of dates of courses presented by individual training organizations. You will need to contact the training organization directly to find this information.

How to become HKICA member?

Follow the following steps to become a HKICA member

Step 1

Find out the specific requirements for your scheme here.

Select the grade you want to apply for and check that you meet the requirements in terms of:

  • Work experience
  • Education/qualifications
  • Auditor training
  • Audit experience (not required for provisional grades)

Step 2

Complete the Application form

If you are applying for Auditor, Internal Auditor, Lead Auditor, you must also fill in this audit log.

Please note: Applications must be in Chinese or English.

For other languages, the application must be accompanied by a certified translation (into English or Chinese) of the original text.

Step 3

Enclose your application fee – current fees can be found here.

Submit your application form and other documents with your fee, either electronically or by post to:

Email: applications@hkica.org


Hong Kong Institution of Certified Auditors
Room 108, 1/F
Sun Ling Plaza,
30 On Kui Street
Falling, New Territories
Hong Kong

Please note that application fees cannot be refunded if your application is unsuccessful.

Step 4

We will review your application, and offer you HKICA registration number or request more information if necessary.

If your application is accepted, we will ask you to paid your first annual fee. Once we receive payment, you will receive your HKICA Certificate and you will be placed on HKICA’s online register of auditors. Your registration is valid for a three year period.

What next?

For the first 2 years, all you need to do is pay the annual fee.

At the end of the 3rd year, all registered auditors must recertify to continue your registration. Find out more here.