Governing Council

The Governing Council is responsible for administering the CSQMSA scheme and comprised a balanced representation of relevant industry relating to auditing and certification, professionals and academia with extensive experience in auditing/person certification and other interests.

List of  Governing Council members

Chairman Dr Tommy LO HKICA
Vice Chairman Dr Thomas KWOK Bureauveritas Certification
Member Mr Kenneth PAK HKICA
Member Mr. LAM Kam Kong HKICA
Member Mr Dominic MOK Asia Pacific Gemmologist Society
Member Mr IP Shui Ming, Andy Registered Minor Works Contractor Signatory Association
Member Mr K S  KWAN Housing Authority
Member Dr FUNG  Wing-hong, Ivan Institute of Safety & Health Practitioners
Member Prof Andrew Y T LEUNG China Green Building (Hong Kong) Council
Member Ms Miranda Kwan HKICA
Member Brenda Li Certified Lead Auditor