HKICA-F01PE Certified Lead Auditor Application Form Issue 2.0 (for other professionals engaged in professional work for more than 15 years in the corresponding field)

HKICA03E Schedule of Fees for Person Certification Issue 2.6

HKICA03 认证人员认证收费规则 Issue 2.6

HKICA-F01E CSQMSA Application Form Issue 2.2


HKICA-F02E CSQMSA Audit Log Issue 2.2

HKICA-F02_ 审核日记

HKICA-CC01E Certification Criteria Issue 2.2AMD2

HKICA-CC01 质量管理体系审核师认证准则 Issue 2.2AMD2

HKICA-CC02E Examinaiton Syllabus Issue 2.1 AMD2

HKICA-CC02 质量管理体系审核师笔试大纲 Issue 2.1 AMD2

HKICA01E Regulations for CSQMSA Issue 2.2

HKICA01 质量管理体系审核师认证守则 Issue 2.2

HKICA02E Approval of Training Organizations and Courses Issue 2.1

HKICA02 培训机构和培训课程的审批 Issue 2.1

HKICA04E Schedule of fees for Training Organization Issue 2.3

HKICA04 培训机构审批收费规则 Issue 2.3

HKICA05E-Guidelines for Counting Continuing Professional Development Unit (CPDU) Issue 2.1

HKICA05 持绩专业发展单元(CPDU) 的指引 Issue 2.1

HKICA06E Appeal and Complaint Issue 2.1


HKICA-F04E CSQMSA Appeal Issue 2.1

HKICA-F04 申诉表格 Issue 2.1

HKICA-F05E CSQMSA Examiner Application Issue 2.1

HKICA-F05 潜在考核人员信息表 Issue 2.1

HKICA-F06E CSQMSA training organization Issue 2.1

HKICA-F06 认可培训机构申请表 Issue 2.1

HKICA-F07E CSQMSA training course Issue 2.1

HKICA-F07认可培训课程申请表 Issue 2.1

HKICA05 持绩专业发展单元(CPDU)的指引