List of HKICA Events/Seminars

List of HKICA Events

Date                              Description of Activities

12-17 March 2018     Visit to Singapore Cum Exhibition in Singex

25 January 2018        ISO9001:2015 - Challenges and Opportunity for Auditors
Testing, Certification and Risk Management

10 November 2017    Meeting with Qualification Framework "Testing and Certification  ITAC"

4 Novemebr 2017      Seminar on “Testing and Certification: From Daily Practice Perspective” 「從日常生活探討檢測和認證業」研討會

29 September 2017   Meeting with Qualification Framework "Retail ITAC"

14 September 2017   Meeting with Qualification Framework "Catering ITAC"

10 July 2017      Seminar on Integrity and Professional Development in Testing and Certification Industry

10 July 2017      Seminar on Integrity and Professional Development in Testing and Certification Industry

29 May 2017     Guest speaker at Inauguration Dinner Hong Kong Licensed Plumbing Professionals Association Limited article proceeding titled "從質量管理探討水務工程的品質保證制度"

28 May 2017      Guest speaker in City Forum at Victoria Park on "How Safe are the Bridge's Structure"

17 May 2017      Discussion Meeting with Works Bureau with HKICA recommendations on Review on "Professional Qualification of Testing and Certification personnel in construction work"

6 April 2017     Discussion Meeting with MTR on “Qualification for Quality Assurance Personnel of MTR job recruitment” 

27-30 March 2017 Surveillance Visit by CNAS

22 March 2017     Sharing Meeting with Hong Kong Council for Testing and Certification on "Promotion of Testing and Certification Trade"

6 December 2016     APGS Seminar photo_6 Dec 2016

1 December 2016     CCAA Presented the 1st Auditor Registration Certificate to

HKICA member

30 November 2016   Our President Being Elected as CNAS Expert Committee for Personal

29 November 2016  QF Partnerships Commendation Ceremony

15 September 2016     HKICA 10th Anniversary dinner

9 September 2016 MoU Signing ceremony with CCAA

22 August 2016         HKIE Seminar on Adjunct Profession for Engineers
                                     flyer                Photo

24 June 2016             Discussion with CCAA for MoU

23 June 2016             Presentation Award of Accreditation Certificate to HKICA by CNAS

13 June 2016             Discussion Meeting Housing Authority on "Auditor in risk management of materials controlling (Quality Control System)"

1 December 2015    
Seminar on Quality Management and Quality Assurance</>span/a>

25 November 2015    Collaboration meeting between HKICA/CCAA

24 November 2015    Welcome Gathering with CCAA, CNAS and CQIS

21 November 2015     Supplementary CSQMSA Auditors Examination

26 September 2015   First CSQMSA Auditors Examination

18 July 2015               Briefing Session on  Assessment Criteria for HKICA Auditor

4 December 2014       Seminar on Quality, Certification and Professionalism

13 November 2013    TIC Qualification Framework Consultation

8 October 2013          Seminar on Integrity and Professional Development in Testing and Certification Industry

12 October 2012        Seminar on (1) The New HK Steel Rebars Standard CS2:2013 –
The Laboratory’s Perspective; (2) Product Certification Scheme           Approach on Chinese Steel Materials and Fabrication

24 August 2012        Seminar on Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC) Drainage Pipe &

29 June 2012            Seminar on Product Certificate Scheme: Aluminum Windows and 4-Bar Hinges Assembly, and Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme
and Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme

16 March 2012          
Symposium: The Business Challenge of Product Scheme, Testing, Inspection and Certification – Building and Construction Products

3 March 2012           Technical Visit to Luk Fook Jewellery Factory

26 August 2011        Seminar on Product Conformity Certification Scheme
for Cement Products

14 February 2011     How to Implement Product Conformity Certification Scheme of Construction Materials for Manufacturers and Suppliers

13 October 2010     Seminar and Workshop on Construction Product Certification
Photo2 Photo3

23 May 2009            Technical Visit to Luk Fook Jewellery Factory

8 May 2009              New Certification Schemes for Hong Kong to meet New Challenges

16 April 2009          Diamond and Fei Cui (Jadeite Jade) Workshop