Seminar Registration for 24 May 2018

A workshop for ISO9001:2015 Challenges and Opportunities for Auditors - Control, Automation, Logistic and Risk Management will be held on 24 May 2018 at Regal Riverside Hotel, Shatin.

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The workshop provides a platform for audit professional to exchange experience and discussion on the newly released ISO9001:2015 requirements on risk based thinking management model and the audit approach, standard and practices for industry sectors. Speakers from Mainland, Asian countries and Local will help enhance the competence of local certification personnel and professional services; topics in areas of audit approach on risk in projects like “Political”, “Financial”, “Design”, “Construction”, “Environmental”, “Legal/Contractual”, “Physical”, “Economical”, “Technical” and “Operational”; and the impact on enterprise like, “Brand/Reputation”, “Customers”, “Profit”, “Product Safety”, “People Safety”, “Business Continuity”, “Product/Service Process” and “Business Strategy”.

Invited Speakers:
Dr Gilbert Gong, Global Personnel Certification Body and IPC Board of Director
Competency of Auditor - International Standard and System
曾国欢, 质量专家Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. Mainland (深圳華為技術有限公司)
TIC Group, SPRING Singapore (Asian Speaker)
Singapore Experience: Application of New QMS Standard
Jeremy Tam, Senior Account Manager, Rockwell Automation Limited
The Connected Enterprise
Dr Kit Yuen, N.Law & Associates
Automation in food supply chain
Dr Tommy Lo, President of Hong Kong Institution of Certified Auditors (Hong Kong)
System, Competence and Risk Management

Registration (Seminar Material, Tea Breaks and Lunch will be provided)
HK$500 per person (including $400 lunch and $100 registration)
Please note that registration is on a first-come-first-served basis. The completed registration form shall be faxed to HKICA Secretariat (Fax: 27892390) for preliminary registration on or before 5 May 2018.

CPD Certificate
CPD certificate of attendance will be issued