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Transfer from other schemes

We understand that auditing is a constantly evolving profession. Business and industry change also, and the global workforce is increasingly transient.

This means that the way auditors choose to demonstrate their competence can change too. Many auditors choose to transfer their auditor certification between professional bodies, or to have more than one certification.

HKICA recognise other certification bodies, such as CCAA and RAB, accredited by National Accritation Bodies to ISO 17024.  Certified Auditors will be accepted as corresponding auditors under the same scheme and grade as certified by the certification bodies.  You can submit compelted application together with copies of supporting document including membership certification by other certifiation bodies.

If your current certification is by certification bodies not accredited to ISO 17024, you may do so by providing us with the following information:

  • A completed HKICA application form
  • A copy of any relevant auditor training course certificates
  • Completed audit logs
  • Complete CPD logs

Auditors transferring to HKICA should meet the scheme and grade requirementsand shall sit for an examination as required for teh corresponding grade. These are set out in our Requirements for Certification as an HKICA Auditor brochure.


We do not charge an application fee for transfers, but we will require you to pay the annual certification fee.

Please see the current fees page.