2013 and before

Date Description of Activities
13 November 2013 TIC Qualification Framework Consultation
8 October 2013 Seminar on Integrity and Professional Development in Testing and Certification Industry
12 October 2012 Seminar on (1) The New HK Steel Rebars Standard CS2:2013 – The Laboratory’s Perspective; (2) Product Certification Scheme Approach on Chinese Steel Materials and Fabrication
24 August 2012 Seminar on Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC) Drainage Pipe & Fittings
29 June 2012 Seminar on Product Certificate Scheme: Aluminum Windows and 4-Bar Hinges Assembly, and Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme and Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme
16 March 2012 Symposium: The Business Challenge of Product Scheme, Testing, Inspection and Certification – Building and Construction Products
3 March 2012 Technical Visit to Luk Fook Jewellery Factory
26 August 2011 Seminar on Product Conformity Certification Scheme for Cement Products
14 February 2011 How to Implement Product Conformity Certification Scheme of Construction Materials for Manufacturers and Suppliers
13 October 2010 Seminar and Workshop on Construction Product Certification Photo1 Photo2 Photo3
23 May 2009 Technical Visit to Luk Fook Jewellery Factory
8 May 2009 New Certification Schemes for Hong Kong to meet New Challenges
16 April 2009 Diamond and Fei Cui (Jadeite Jade) Workshop