President Address 2024

In the past three years, HKICA has continued to growth despite the influence of Covid19. HKICA has completed the mutual recognition work of Quality Management Engineer (QME) and Quality Testing Engineer (QTE) with Guangdong Institution of Engineers of the Guangdong‑Hong Kong‑Macao Greater Bay Area (大灣區工程技術人才互認). As a professional learned society in quality personnel, HKICA is a super-connector and super value-added connector with Mainland and International in the Testing and Certification Trade.

In this regards, HKICA personnel certification services has extended from ISO9001 quality management system personnel to different sectors, covering ISO14001 environmental management system personnel, ISO17025 laboratory personnel, ISO15189 medical laboratory personnel, ISO45001 safety management system personnel etc, testing, inspection and certification personnel.

In 10-2023, it's my honor to be re-elected as Chairman of International Personnel Certification Association (2023-2025), being my second term of Chairmanship of IPC. HKICA now as leading international personnel certification body participating in international affairs, we are obliged to adapt the society need for certification of competence of international professionals and keep abreast on latest development of the certification market. In recent years, the demand for professional auditors in Greenhouse gases verification/validation and ESG reporting is huge. In this regard, HKICA and CCAA jointly proposed to IPC the Verifier/validator Personnel Certification (VVB) Scheme and was being endorsed in the 2023 Athens AGM meeting. HKICA will continuously develops competence base personnel certification schemes in line with the needs of society.

Competence and profession of auditors and internal auditors are the foundation for all certification systems. HKICA is taking the leading role, promoting the status and professionalism of Hong Kong auditing personnel. I look forward to co-work with you, promoting quality culture and contributing to the reliability and sustainability of Hong Kong Testing and certification trade.

I also wish to express my sincere gratefulness to our board of directors for their support and continuous effort in promoting HKICA activities. HKICA will continue explore and develop relevant personnel schemes that serve the industry when there is a need.


Ir Dr Tommy LO



2024 年主席的話

過去三年,儘管受到Covid19的影響,香港專業審核師學會的業務仍持續增長。 HKICA完成了與廣東省工程師學會質量管理工程師(QME)和質量檢測工程師(QTE)的互認工作 (粵港澳大灣區工程技術人才互認)。 HKICA作為認證人員的專業學術團體,在檢測認證行業是與內地和國際的超級聯繫人和超級增值人角色。

對此,HKICA人員認證服務已從ISO9001質量管理體系人員擴展到不同區領域,涵蓋ISO14001 環境管理體系人員、ISO17025實驗室人員、ISO15189醫學實驗室人員、ISO45001安全管理體系人員等檢、測和認證人員。

2023年10月,我很榮幸再次當選為國際人員認證協會(IPC)主席(2023-2025),這是我的第二屆IPC主席任期。 HKICA作為參與國際事務的人員認證機構,有責任回應社會對各類專業人員能力認證的需求,並隨時了解認證市場的最新發展。近年來,溫室氣體碳稽查核實人員和ESG報告方面等專業碳審核員的需求龐大。對此,香港專業審核師學會與中國認證認可協會聯合向IPC 提出了碳稽查核實人員認證(VVB)計劃,計劃並在 2023 年10月IPC 雅典年度會員大會上獲得通過。HKICA將持續開發符合社會需求,以能力的人員認證計畫。

審核員和內部審核員的能力和專業是所有認證系統的基礎。 HKICA發揮主導作用,提升香港審核人員的地位和專業水平。我期待與您合作,推廣質量文化,為香港檢測和認證行業的穩定和永續發展做出貢獻。

我也衷心感謝我們的理事會對推動 HKICA 活動的支持和持續努力。 HKICA將繼續不斷地探索和製定相關的個人計劃,為業界服務。