Upcoming Seminars


Scheduled Date Title
Jun-23 Webinar - The role of Auditors in Carbon Trading (TBC)
13.05.2023 Seminar on Project Audit on NEC Contracts
May-23 Sustainability of Elderly Service after COVID-19
Apr-23 Webinar - Risk of microplastics in food and beverages
Mar-23 Webinar - Audit in Water Safety Plan for Buildings (TBC)
Feb-23 Webinar - “十四五”认证认可检验检测发展规划" (TBC)
Jan-23 Webinar - Accreditation of ISO 14065 GHG Validation & Verification Body (TBC)
Dec-22 New Opportunity for Laboratory professionals :
Registration Scheme of Quality Testing Engineer (QTE) cum QTE Certificate Presentation
10.12.2022 / 17.12.2022 Webinar - Trend in food safety auditor?
6-7.12.2022 Webinar - IPC AGM and Internation Conference -

Challenges and Opportunities for Carbon Auditor in Green House Gas Validation and Verification for Carbon Market

25.10.2022 Webinar - Certification of Carbon Auditor, GHG Validator and Verifier
24.9.2022 Webinar - Auditing Europe's largest rail infrastructure project - Crossrail
17.9.2022 Webinar - Quality Management Engineer (QME)  : A new professional for GBA cum QME Certificate Presentation