HKICA Personnel Certification Scheme for GHG Carbon Auditors

HKICA Personnel Certification Scheme for GHG Carbon Auditors

The HKICA Greenhouse Gas (GHG)Carbon Auditor Certification Scheme provides certification bodies, verification/validation bodies, and stakeholders with a competency reference for greenhouse gas practitioners. It is a recognition of the professional status of greenhouse gas carbon auditors and sets a clear certification criteria for registration.

This plan sets out the expertise, skills and competency requirements for GHG carbon auditors which enhance the credibility of GHG carbon audits in the verification/validation process and ESG reporting.

The HKICA GHG certification scheme does not identify the areas in which the personnel's technical competencies apply. There are two auditor grades that greenhouse gas practitioners can apply for, namely HKICA certified GHG carbon auditor and HKICA registered GHG carbon auditor.

HKICA will organise training course to facilitate applicants to apply as registered or certified GHG Carbon Auditors.  The first training course is scheduled for 26-27 October 2022.  Click here for course details.  

Interested parties on the application of HKICA GHG Certification scheme, please contact our secretariat at the email:

香港專業審核師學會 溫室氣體碳審核員人員認證計劃


這計劃定訂了溫室氣體碳審核員的專業知識、技能和能力要求,以提高溫室氣體碳審計在驗證/確認標準、和ESG 報告方面的可信度。

HKICA 溫室氣體碳審核員人員認證計劃並沒有確認人員的技術能力適用在何種領域。溫室氣體從業人員可申請的兩個審核員等級,分別是HKICA認可溫室氣體碳審核員和HKICA註冊溫室氣體碳審核員。