Seminars and Events 2022

HKICA will organise seminars from time to time and the recent seminars are as follows:

Date Title

IPC AGM cum IPC International Conference

  • Challenges and Opportunities for Carbon Auditor in Green House Gas Validation and Verification for Carbon Market

  • ✡  Flyer
    ✡ Conference Materials
       ⚛ Introduction
       ⚛ Presentation Materials
           ☢ Welcome Speech by Ir Dr LO Wai-kwok, GBS MH JP 
           ☢ Opening speech by Ir Dr Tommy LO, IPC Chairman, HKICA President
           ☢ Video by Mr Huang Jixian, Secretary General, CCAA , IPC Director
           ☢ Video by Mr. Faton Aliu, President and COO, PECB, IPC Director
           ☢ Video by Ulf Gustavsson Rep Director Mr. Thomas Votsmeier,
               EOQ Secretary  General, IPC Director
           ☢ Video by Ms. Gabriella Guenzi, MD, Bureau Veritas Italia, IPC Director
           ☢ PPT by Quality Austria, IPC Director
           ☢ Video by Dr. George ANASTASOPOULOS, IPC General Secretary
           ☢ Video by Dr SUN Zhihui (孙志辉博士高级工程师), 
           ☢ Video by Mr. YANG Xianglong (杨向龙先生)
           ☢ Video by Mr Ivan FU, MH, JP      
           ☢ Video by Mr. Murray SAYCE and Ir Stephen YU
           ☢ Closing Remark by Ir Victor LO, HKICA Vice President
26-27.10.2022 Green House Gases Carbon Auditor Training
  • Webinbar on Certification of Carbon Auditor, GHG Validator and Verifier
  • ✡  Flyer
    ✡ Seminar Materials
       ⚛ Introduction
       ⚛ PPT
  • Webinbar on Auditing Europe’s largest rail infrastructure project - Crossrail
    ✡  Flyer
    ✡ Seminar Materials
       ⚛ Introduction
       ⚛ PPT
  • Webinar on Carbon Audit and Greenhouse Gas Emmission Verification to ISO/IEC 14064-1-2-3
    ✡  Flyer
    ✡ Semianr Materials
        ⚛ Part A
        ⚛ Part B